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Our experienced and aggressive lawyers will ensure that you are properly represented, whether in court, the boardroom, the classroom or the office.  In addition to our unmatched experience and skill in navigating the murky waters of the education system and education law, our areas of practice include:

Employment Law Criminal Law  Real Estate Law Business Law Administrative Law  Personal Injury  Trademarks and Copyrights

If you are an educator who needs legal representation in Los Angeles, CA, contact us today.

Legal Representation in Los Angeles, CA

School and Employment Law

Being ready to teach also means knowing your legal rights and how to assert them properly.  Education Law overlaps with many other areas of law, including Government Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Civil Procedure, to name a few.  We provide you with the best legal advice to protect your rights and, if needed, win your case in court  -- whether to keep your job or be compensated for any harm done to you. 

Criminal Law

Sometimes protecting your job also means protecting your freedom.  We successfully defend clients in criminal matters, from minor misdemeanors (e.g., petty theft, DUI, child annoyance) to major felonies (e.g., Aggravated Assault and Battery, Child Molestation, other Sex Crimes).  Our knowledge of related areas of law, including education law, gives us the unique ability to advise you in multiple areas of concern simultaneously, so you don't need more than one law firm for the job.

Business Law

When a business need or dispute arises, we provide you with the insight and guidance to address the situation. In addition, we handle cases regarding wrongful termination and unfair competition.  We also prosecute and maintain trademarks and copyrights.

Real Estate & Estate Planning

When you are purchasing property, or having a dispute concerning property you own or where you reside, we can assist you.  We can also help you with estate planning and probate matters. 

Employment Related and Personal Injury Litigation

We have represented teachers and other school employees in employment cases that include disability discrimination, sexual harassment and gender discrimination, race discrimination, sexuality discrimination, and whistleblower retaliation.  We have also represented individuals in personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, defamation and acts of fraud or negligence.

Representative Clients

Many of our clients are members of UNITED TEACHERS LOS ANGELES (UTLA), CALIFORNIA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (CTA), South Bay United Teachers, National Education Association, and Teachers Association of Long Beach.  We also represent individuals and companies in other economic sectors, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care products industries.

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